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Burglar / Intrusion Alarm System Products from Security Camera NYC

Implementing a burglar/ intrusion alarm system is an imperative step to take when protecting your facility, personnel, inventory or ideas. Choosing the proper products to strengthen your commercial security system is easy when you choose Security Camera NYC for all of your security system needs. We offer a full line of the best security products for your burglar/ intrusion alarm system monitoring.

Intrusion Alarm Panels

Intrusion Alarm Panelsare the central command and intelligence for your intrusion system. All of the field components are connected and controlled through the main panel. The main control panel also houses the communication module with transmits alarm signals to the central monitoring station. Enhanced communication through Ethernet capabilities and user-friendly programming make Access Security‚ and panels welcome additions to any intrusion detection system.

Combination Fire And Intrusion Panels

Security Camera NYC offers combination processors that allow burglary, fire, and access control systems to run concurrently with just one panel. You can configure your system to allow it to monitor all three different capabilities as you choose. For a complete listing.


Keypads are an important component of an intrusion detection system. Keypads are used to interface and communicate to the system‚ and control panel. They are also used for arming and disarming the system. Many different options such as visual and audio systems, keypads colors, code options and more are available in Security Camera NYCs keypads products page.

Intrusion Detectors

There are many different kinds of intrusion detectors which will sound the alarm when activated either by breaking glass, irregular motion or compromised doors.


Many different software options are available to manage your intrusion detection system. Add new system users and codes, set up arming and disarming schedules and more with the intrusion detection software products offered by Security Camera NYC.

UL Listed Systems

To assure our clients that they are receiving products of the utmost quality and safety we offer products that are tested by the Underwriters Laboratory, the non-profit organization that tests electrical products and their components.

Whether you need a whole new system or just certain products to improve upon your existing intrusion alarm system, Security Camera NYC can meet your specific needs.