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Intercom - Repair & Installation

See who is at the door before you open it & you can communicate with them without having to open the door.

There are many types of wireless intercom systems on the market. Security Camera Repair NYC specialize in apartment building systems as well as commercial and homes.

A commercial intercom system could be either wired or wireless. They are usually a little more industrial in appearance and built a little tougher for the harsher environments commercial intercoms find themselves in.

Door Access System intercom

When a visitor presses the button on the doorbell intercom, a tone will sound on your inside master station. Package includes two master stations and one door station. Wall or Desk mounted inside master station.

10 Call Master System  

This system consists of one Master intercom and a power supply. It has the ability to talk to up to 10 Substations and these substations can be any combination of inside and outside door stations. The Substations are not included in this system, but can be ordered in any combination up to 10 additional units (11 units total per system). See the Related Products and Accessories section below for Substations.

he Master intercom has ten buttons and can call any substation directly. The substations can only call the Master intercom and not another Substation.

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A wireless intercom system can be a convenient way to communicate throughout your house or business. It can also help you keep a certain level of security over your family or employees.

Of course wireless means no wires to deal with, which makes the set-up of your system a cinch. In most cases these wireless intercoms and doorbells work off simple AA batteries.

wireless intercom

A wireless call box provides long range, 2-way voice communication to any two way radio or wireless intercom. They can remotely unlock gates or doors and provide pre-recorded voice messages that notify you when specific events occur. These call boxes are essentially commercial, long-range two way radios in a water resistant case. Models for public access areas are even have a vandal resistant.
A wireless callbox makes it possible to quickly implement a communication system without expensive and messy trenching, which saves you money. These wireless call boxes are useful for all sorts of unique applications in all types of business and residential use and they have a range of up to a mile or even further with use of external antennas. Click on the graphic to the right to download a product brochure for these callboxes.


A two-way radio is a radio that can both transmit and receive (a transceiver), unlike a broadcast receiver which only receives content.
Two-way radios are available in mobile, stationary base and hand-held portable configurations. Hand-held radios are often called walkie-talkies or handie-talkies. A push-to-talk or Press To Transmit button is often present to activate the transmitter.


MURS Radio - Communications can be a critical link between family members or co-workers. It becomes even more important during emergencies. Often during a severe weather event landlines and cell phones are not functional due to damage or power outages.

A wireless gate intercom provides long range, 2-way voice communication to any two-way radio or wireless intercom. You can use them to open gates or doors and even do it while you are mobile. You won't be confined to a desk unless you only want to use a desktop intercom to access your wireless gate opener. These wireless gate intercoms are essentially long-range two way radios in a water resistant case. Models for public access areas even have a vandal resistant case.
A wireless gate intercom makes it possible to quickly implement a communication system without expensive and messy trenching. These gate opening intercoms have a range of up to a mile, or even further with use of external antennas.

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Wireless Elderly Intercoms - If you are considering a wireless intercom to use in helping with an elderly or disabled person there are a number of solutions you can take a look at. Which is right for you depends on your unique situation. But here are the three communication types which are most frequently asked for in this situation: In-home communication: room to room, level to level
Between nearby homes communication: neighbor to neighbor
Outdoors, cross-country, and cross-city communication
Take a look at our article list for more details on each of these solutions. The main things to consider are signal strength, power and batteries. There are a number of possibilities for each.

wireless elderly intercoms

Wired Intercoms - If you are building a new house or business facility, then the time to put in the wiring for an intercom system is before the walls get closed.

See who is at the door before you open it & you can communicate with them without having to open the door - stay safe at all times!

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Wired Intercom Systems - Many people consider installing an intercom system in their home for security reasons. The benefits of an intercom system which allows you to police your front doorstep without opening the front door are obvious. Door entry systems as a part of a wider home intercom system are a great idea. But home intercoms have many other advantages in addition to the very practical security issue.


Apartment Intercoms - Give your potential apartment home buyers or tenants keen door entry security, outstanding telephone entry intercom service and even door entry video surveillance without disrupting their dial-up internet or high speed internet (one of which they sure use). With the OmniCom Telephone Intercom systems, you can set:

Entry access security control and intercom from any location in the apartment or office unit with existing phone sets and with no monthly phone line rental fee if you so desire. Or to their cell phone via a common service line if you so prefer.
Quick and easy install without running inside wiring by using phone wirelines without degrading their internet performance (dial-up or broadband).
Any number of partitions in multiplex buildings with independent sections or groups of apartments having each their own entry doors!
Any amount of Entry Access Panels as might be required without any limitation.

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Doorbell Phone Doorbell Intercom System lets visitors at your front door press a button on the door box and your telephones will ring with a distinctive ring to let you know they are there. Just simply pick up the telephone and you are automatically connected to that door.

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Video Intercoms can increase your overall safety at home or at your business by allowing you to see who is at the door before you decide to open it or not open it. Home Security Store has a variety of video intercoms from high end models to more economical ones which produce images in both color and black and white.

A video intercom system works with a camera unit mounted outside the entrance door (or designated area) and a display monitor installed inside your home (or business) showing what the camera is pointing at. Typically when someone presses the call button on the outside video intercom unit or rings the door bell it activates the camera and alerts the indoor monitor. You can then talk to the person as you look at their image.

Intercom systems are electronic communication devices that are used for public or private dialogue, announcements and intra-room or office communications. They range from portable home intercom systems, which are either wired or wireless to full mounted intercoms such as telephone entry systems used in apartment complexes. We at Security Camera Repair NYC carry a wide array of Intercoms to suit your home or business applications, we also provides intercom repair service.

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Access System provides access control products for applications ranging from small multi-door systems to enterprise-wide, networked system containing thousands of entry points.

Driveway sensor alarms can definitely protect your driveway but they can also help protect other things around your home. In the news story they give examples of other ways that driveway alarms can help with security at home.

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