IP Video

IP Video Solutions Products

IP video solutions are a flexible and highly effective choice for any building security system. This method of monitoring a facility, which transmits video typically through a dedicated Ethernet network, allows a company to relocate their cameras as they see fit, finding the most effective security system possible. Many of these cameras also utilize PoE (Power over Ethernet) which allows for the use of a distributed video network of cameras.

Pelco Endura Systems

Pelco Endura IP video solutions are high quality network based equipment that promise the best that can be offered in video security systems. A complete line of encoders, decoders, recorders, PC work stations, console displays, storage units, and management technologies means unlimited possibilities and adaptability.

IQ InVision IP Cameras

Security Camera NYC offers a number of different IQ InVision IP Cameras that will fit into any company’s security system. IQ InVision IP Cameras offer an inexpensive means of developing an IP camera system. Whether you are looking for a dome camera, day/night cameras, color cameras, black and white cameras or more, we have what you’re looking for to improve your security.

Panasonic IP Cameras And Mega-Pixel Cameras

Security Camera NYC offers a line of the highest quality Panasonic products including IP cameras and mega-pixel cameras that boost your company’s security. State-of-the-art digital recorders offer the highest quality surveillance available.

Hybrid Or IP Recorders (IP And Analog Cameras)

Exacq Technolgoies is a one of the forerunners in hybrid and IP video solutions. With over twenty years of experience in the digital video recorder market they are experts in their field. Using hardware based video compression for analog cameras offers increased reliability and up to 30ips at D1 resolution. There recorders seamlessly mix any number of analog and IP cameras and can fully use mega-pixel IP cameras.

Network IP & Hybrid Video Recorders

Security Camera NYC has been in the business of designing and installing IP video networks for years. We have the experience and know-how needed to get your security IP video system up and running.

System Partners

Having the proper system partners to enhance your security system is an important step in designing the right security system for your company. Let Security Camera NYC help you choose the right partners to be sure that your system is as functional as possible.